Navigating thru the Obstacle Course!

22 Sep


Now a man of the house of Levi married a Levite woman and she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. (Moses) Exodus 2:1

I’m sure this newly married girl would have never dreamed of what would lie ahead of her. Jochebed lived during a time of slavery by the Egyptians. And then the worst happened when the command went out that all male babies were to be smothered in the Nile River.

Jochebed and her husband Amram, prayed, planned and trusted God and He gave them a plan. For three months she hid Moses in their home and the unbelievable task was keeping his brother Aaron and sister Miriam quiet about the whole ordeal.

Finally, it was time to follow God’s plan. Pharaoh had commanded the male babies to the Nile River so into the river Moses would go. However not as Pharaoh had planned!

Moses was bathed in prayer, placed into the prepared basket and then placed into the Nile River. No mother in her right mind would do this. However, they had prayed, God had given them the plan, now it was time to trust.

God was faithful and Moses stayed safe in the crocodile infested waters. After being found by Pharoah’s daughter he was brought into the royal court and was trained by the Egyptians. I’m sure there were many times Jochebed wondered what God was doing not once realizing that God was putting into place a divine plan to rescue His people from the very slavery that she herself was facing.

Each one of us faces difficult situations, but just as God had a plan for Moses He has a plan for us. And when he reveals it to us, we must trust Him and walk it one step at a time!

God often uses the obstacle to bring about the opportunity. Don’t be surprised if God has an unbelievable plan for your Nile River experience. Would we have come up with that plan? Certainly not, but God would!


Susan Pippin


Labor Pains

22 Sep


The midwives however feared God and did not do what the king of Egypt told them to do; they let the boys live. Exodus 1:17

We have here the account of the King asking the head midwives to kill the boy babies that were born to the Hebrew women.  The killing of the Israelite sons would have eliminated the future military threat, while daughters could be easily assimilated into the Egyptian culture as servants.

However, vs. 17 tells us that the midwives realized this was sin and refused. Another advantage the midwives had was the fact that the Hebrew women were strong and healthy and many times the baby was born before they even arrived. This was a true fact as the men and women in Israel were forced to do hard labor in the field and because of this, giving birth was fast and easy for these Hebrew women.

Even in the midst of the taskmasters forcing the Israelites into hard labor, God turned it around for good. He blessed the Hebrew women and they had safe and easy travails and produced many healthy children. God fulfilled his promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob many times over.

God also blessed the midwives with many children because they did not yield to the sinful commands and atrocities of the King. These midwives played a vital part in God’s plan.

Do you ever feel like you are going through “hard labor” emotionally, spiritually or even physically? God may be ready to birth something very special in your life. Out of the difficult situations, unrealistic demands and cruel treatment put on the people of Israel, Moses was born, who led them out of bondage into freedom.

We would never consider giving up in the middle of giving birth to a child no matter what pain we had to endure. Likewise we cannot give up as that child grows into the teenage years and brings grief to the heart. We cannot give up on that spouse who brings unfaithfulness and heartache.

Ruth Graham Bell never gave up on her son, Franklin and we now see the fruit of her “labor.”

God can and will take the “hard labors” we go through and birth (Red Sea miracles). “Therefore be steadfast, immovable, your toil is not in vain in the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 15:58


Susan Pippin